Discover the vibrant power of lemon fragrant hair removal spray for those tricky body areas with softening baby oil, dermatologically tested for normal skin types.


how to use nair products

Shake the can upright and make sure your skin is clean and dry. Apply in the shower or bathtub, hold 5cm away from the body and spray to create an even layer over the desired area.

how to use nair products

After 3 to 5 minutes, wipe a small area to check the results. If your hair is thick, you may need more time, but do not leave for longer than 12 minutes in total. Gently wipe off spray and unwanted hair with a damp washcloth.

how to use nair products

Once all hair has been removed, rinse skin thoroughly with lukewarm water in the shower, pat dry and you’re good to go!

where to buy nair products

- Do Nair™ products have an expiration date?

No, there is no expiration on any Nair products. However, it is recommended to replace your product one year after opening.

- Are Nair™ products tested on animals?

No, Nair™ finished products are not tested on animals.

- Where are Nair™ products available?

All Nair™ products are available at mass retailers and drugstores nationwide. Click on Where to Buy for more information.

- Can pregnant women use Nair™ products?

Nair™ can be used by pregnant women, as long as all Warnings and Directions are followed. If you have exceptionally sensitive skin or other skin maladies you should first consult a physician.

Why do I have to patch test every single time I use Nair™ products if I’ve already been using it for several years?

You should patch test every time you use Nair™ products. Since body chemistry can change, a reaction can occur even when there has been prior use of the product without incident.

- What’s the best product for coarser hair?

Nair™ Moroccan Argan Oil Shower Power Max, Nair™ Moroccan Argan Oil Sprays Away™ and Nair™ Moroccan Argan Oil Ultimate Roll-On Wax are specially designed to be most effective at coarse hair removal.

- At what age can my teen begin to use this product?

We recommend that youth 12 and older use this product with adult supervision. Please contact your physician with questions.

- Will Nair™ affect my tattoo?

No. Depilatories will not affect tattoos.